One Of A Kind Succulent Design


Let us create a one of a kind arrangement for your next event, office, or special someone.  Our pieces are specially designed to fit any occasion such as weddings, baby showers, bridal parties, office gatherings, gifts, and landscape design.  We even hand deliver each order. Best of all, they are unique and one of a kind just like you!

drought friendly + low maintenance + visually stunning

Care Instructions:

Light: Place your succulents in a well lit area with natural light, such as a windowsill or an outdoor covered  patio. It is best to get a few hours of morning sun and avoid intense, direct sunlight until plant has adapted to its new environment.

Water: If keeping indoors, water when soil is dry to the touch, which is approximately every 7 - 10 days especially during the hotter months. Water less frequently during winter months, which is approximately every two weeks, as this is the natural dormancy period of many plants. 

Love: If you think your plant still needs some extra care, please feel free to call us with any further questions.